• up-to-date energy, emission and socioeconomic accounting inventories for China.
    China Emission Accounts and Datasets

About Us

CEADs gathers a group of experts from the UK, USA and China to work on China’s emission accounting methods and applications. Providing accurate and most up-to-date emission data is the duty of the whole academic field for policy stakeholders and the public.

All datasets published by CEADs are the results of current research projects funded by Research Council UK, Newton Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences. All data is free to download for academic usages.

Dabo Guan <guandabo@tsinghua.edu.cn>
Zhu Liu <zhuliu@tsinghua.edu.cn>
Yuli Shan <y.shan@rug.nl>


CEADs is kindly supported and sponsored by the following research institutes and funding agencies.